About Signal Ridge Vineyard


In 1999, Signal Ridge was a gamble that was put into action by Roger Scommegna  when he carefully chose three Boonville locals  to make his team:  a spunky country farmer,  an ambitious aspiring winemaker, and an energetic improviser.

Our locally famous expert farmer,  Nacho Flores, dons his cowboy hat and drives the forty minute bumpy dirt road to manage the vineyard at any time of day or night  with gentle loving vigilance.

Stephanie Rivin, with her characteristically sharp wit and a self-driven hands-on winemaking education,  crafts our wines using old world traditional techniques to coax each batch of fruit into displaying its unique character.

Kendra McEwen brings an abundance of enthusiasm to the tasting room where she embodies the renegade spirit of our brand with her contagious bubbly and playful personality.

Tasting Room Manager

Vineyard Manager

Roger Scommegna


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